My goal in life is to pretend I have no idea who Bryant is when I meet him and ask him to take a photo for me, simply so I can say to him “thanks. Now I can post that on instagram with the hashtag photo by bryant.”

Anonymous asked:

I know who that 14 year old is & no they never ever had sex with her, if this is the girl im thinking of: she was hated by the fandom so they continuously made up rumors about her to make her & the boys look bad because they soon became good friends. Also as someone who has met the boys quite a few times i know for a fact they aren't that bad.. they DO have respect for girls and if they are to young they wont do ANYTHING and it's the girls choice to go back because half the time they are joking!

If it’s Hannah Grant you are talking about, then no that’s not who I’m talking about. I have met them numerous times and the last couple of times that I met them, some members were extremely rude, yelled at me and my friends, and refused to take photos. And I suppose they are joking when they ask who lives in a certain town and for their number to invite them back to their hotel to perform sexual favours? I think not…..



If Sam Pepper can’t get away with sexually assaulting and harassing women, how come the Janoskians can and have?

Have the Janoskians gone around and pinched other women’s bottoms several times? Or forced their lips onto another girls, making them extremely uncomfortable?

They have forced girls to drink, before attempting to have sex with them, then throw them out onto the street when they do not comply with their wishes. They have used family members (namely James’ creepy cousin) to scout for girls “over 18”(not always the case as some girls will lie about their age) to come back to their hotel to perform sexual favours for them (I know this because I was asked once, said no, then was told to fuck off amongst other things). I’ve also heard from friends that 2 members had sex with 14 year olds (something that is illegal). Most of them have asked, received, and sent nudes to “fans” (one girl actually bragged about it. Not entirely sure why). There’s probably numerous other things they have done but people just haven’t bothered to speak up about it. Yes, the things they have done have been more “behind the scenes” unlike Sam’s very public “pranks” but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

If Sam Pepper can’t get away with sexually assaulting and harassing women, how come the Janoskians can and have?

Magcon are clearly using Sam Pottorff, Tasia, and Jake Paul to get people to actually come to the shows.